Arno Arrak was born in 1963 Tallinn, Estonia, into an artistic family. His father Jüri Arrak is one of Estonia’s most prominent artists with work in the collections of major museums and galleries throughout Europe and the United States and mother was a leather artist, exhibiting her work internationally.arno-arrak

Arno’s early training in his father’s studio gave him a fundamental base in form, color and perspective. He later attended the Art University of Estonia where he further practiced drawing, painting and printmaking.

In 1989, resisting Soviet occupation of Estonia, Arno emigrated to Sweden and started working as a printmaker in the screen-printing company, publishing fine art prints for artists and galleries.

Two years later he and his family moved to Toronto, Canada, where he got a job as a master printer in the prestigious Toronto Open Studio. This was the turning point in his art career. It was there where he met Alan Flint, one of the Canada’s leading printmakers and together they developed unique watercolor mono-print technique that has attracted widespread international interest among printmakers and art collectors.

In 1992 Arno’s artwork was picked up by a prominent art dealer who showed his art internationally and painting landscapes became his full-time artist career.

Arno presently lives and works in Lake Oswego, Oregon, making frequent trips back to Estonia, to exhibit his work and to be part of the rich culture and art scene. Arno’s work is represented in numerous galleries and in private and public collections worldwide.

“While I paint I often listen to music. Vibration and rhythm directly influences the sensitive watercolor medium. I wish that in my paintings I can create the window of inner peace and healing”